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The White Woods Collection

Amouroud White Woods

Night falls in the deepest recesses of the Amouroud Forest. Blanketed in a heavy cover of first snowfall, mist hangs in the air just above the snowpack, gathering as the darkness carries the cool air closer to the ground.

Sound is deadened by the insulated layer of white velvet. In the stillness, one's olfactory senses become heightened and attuned. Trunks piercing through this heavy layer of crystals release a sacred scent of noble decay. The wet bark steeped in this atmosphere reveals its fragrance of moist earthiness.

As the sun arrives, noble decay and earthy freshness mingle as they warm. The ardent trickle of melting snow introduces a breath of clean crispness to the air as the forest begins to divulge the rich secrets.

Out of the mixture of noble rot, earthy decomposition, and soft freshness, The Amouroud White Woods Collection is born.